Emerson Gary Indiana

Even though the halls of the old Emerson school don't hear a lot of music and see a lot of art anymore, what went through those halls at one time are etched in our memories and still linger forever in our souls. The light that came from those halls will shine and live forever in our hearts.

Mark Spencer

What do you call a shining star? Well, you may say it is a talented entertainer or maybe someone you see on cable television or at a concert. Maybe it's someone you see at the movies on the big screen. All of these people seem to be bigger than life as far as popularity is concerned. When I came here over 20 years ago, having grown up with a superstar father (the late Eugene Record of the Chi-Lites), I had a misconception of what a superstar really was. I'm not saying my father was not one, I just thought that you had to be on television to be one. But after staying here over the years, I took notice of a young man who saw joy in giving opportunities to the young children in his town. I saw that with the talent he has, he could be anywhere he wanted to be. This changed my whole outlook about becoming a so-called superstar of the past. It made me stand back and see what really makes someone great; because with the talent that this man has and the grace he carries himself with, this makes me respect him even more. He reminds me of my father in a way. He never runs around town with his chest out bragging about what he has done. He is more concerned about what he must still do. Mark Spencer is a true superstar and a gem to his community, and no matter what he does from now on, he has already touched so many lives in the City of Gary. We should take our hats off to him and be proud!

by Bryan Anthony Record Sr. - Writer for The Gary Post